The Movement Structure


By God’s grace as Crossway plants new churches, we believe that forming regional networks of churches in close proximity and relationship with one another is the best way to see rapid multiplication.  These local networks are committed to supporting one another and sharing resources.


Each church will set aside 5% of giving to be pooled for Crossway Chapel Church Planting within their given local network of churches. A new church plant will begin with the understanding that by its one year birthday this financial priority will be in place. Those churches that are not currently part of an existing local network, thus pioneering a new network, are to set aside for future churches that will be planted in their region.

In addition each church is encouraged to set aside a minimum of 5% for church planting and missions to be invested as the church is led. There is to be grace extended, in particular for the newer churches, with an understanding that money follows values.

There will be additional expenses for Crossway Chapel as a whole, which will include website, printed materials, communication platforms, travel expenses, new planters, and ongoing servant team meetings. For these financial needs, we have established a Movement Budget that is supplied through contributions by each church based on regular attendance within the year for which they are contributing.  These financial needs will be supplied through annual contributions by each church based on regular attendance within the year for which they are contributing.

500+ in attendance $2000 per year
200+ in attendance $1250 per year
100+ in attendance $1000 per year
Less than 100 in attendance $250 per year



Where there is more than one church in a geographic location, the pastors within that region gather on a quarterly basis for sharing, prayer, encouragement, networking, and strategizing to strengthen the regional network together. They are encouraged to gather together for events and share resources. The heart here is holding our people, creative materials, sermons, pulpits, time, etc. loosely and openly with one another. 

For example, men’s, women’s and youth retreats, regional network celebrations, leadership training, worship, emerging leaders, pastor’s institutes, etc. are all great opportunities to expose the churches to one another. Larger gatherings of multiple church bodies are also recommended as a great way to share vision and give the members of the church a glimpse of the whole. 

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