The Leadership Structure

Every organization needs leadership to serve the whole by keeping things moving forward with vision, administration, direction, and function. The Crossway Chapel Movement needs leadership that represents our value of plurality, has representation from all churches, and seeks input from all the pastors in the Movement. It appears at this season in the life of the Movement, the best structure would be to have a Servant Team made up of a plurality of 4 to 5 men who provide the overall leadership to the Movement; and a Leadership Team made up of a representative from every church in the Movement.


A plurality of men from the Movement of Churches facilitates the planting and supporting of healthy, reproducing churches throughout the world for the glory of God. This Servant Team will champion our values, provide Movement oversight, organization, and vision while steering the Movement forward. To accomplish this, the team should possess a variety of gifts to cover the needs of the whole Movement, while continually seeking input and counsel from the Leadership Team, as well as the rest of the pastors in the Movement. With recognition that each church is led by a group of pastors, it will always be the goal and desire of the Servant Team to serve and build up the churches within the Movement, not control them.

The Servant Team will seek to maintain a proper representation of churches as well as a diversity of gifts on the team. We recognize and celebrate the reality that God gifts certain men with a high degree of leadership in order to provide vision and direction in the specific work He is accomplishing. This includes the freedom to recognize and maximize the unique gifts of a “leader of leaders” who functions in plurality and Christlike humility as a member of the Servant Team.  

The 2016 Servant Team members are:
Dan Harty, Tom Harcus, Clark Richardson, Eric Loyer, Ashley Denton and Kevin Wolfe

Commitment – Each Servant Team member will be asked to provide 10% of their time (tithed by the church the team member is coming from), equaling 4 to 5 hours per week. The team will meet monthly through video conferencing as well as bi-annually in person (one 2 day planning retreat, and a 1 day meeting corresponding with the Huddle, Crossway’s annual gathering of pastors). Also, there needs to be an understanding that seasons of higher time commitment may be required (i.e., Huddle, Catalyst, Planning Retreats).

Length of Commitment – The team will be asked to make a commitment to serve on this team for approximately two years. There will need to be continual evaluation of the needs of the team to ensure that all the functions of the team are covered by the gifts of the men serving. Every 2 years the team will be evaluated with input from the leadership team.

In the context of plurality within the Servant Team and desiring each man to operate in his gifting, we feel that it is best for Tom Harcus to continue to invest 30% of his time, or an even greater percentage as God provides the resources, to propel the Movement forward in mobilization, coaching, multiplying, etc. As covering this expense would be too much of a burden for any one church, Tom will continue to raise 30% of his salary plus ministry and travel expenses through the Crossway Chapel Churches and individual relationships.


One representative from every church will be requested to provide input to the Servant Team in leading the Network. This is not merely an advisory role but a team that is expected to play a major role in taking the Network forward with actions and projects.  Each church will determine who is to represent that given church. 

Commitment – In addition to a special meeting during the Huddle, the Leadership Team will meet quarterly through video conferencing with the Servant Team. They will also be asked to own certain agreed-upon-initiatives and weigh in on issues or decisions that need to be made between conference calls.

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